The new generation of iWand 2+ is a portable, light delivered acupuncture healthcare product that improves body microcirculation, promotes metabolism and strengthens immunity for your better health. With a simple touch, the protonic light of iWand 2+ helps in pain relief, encourages rapid recovery of infections and wounds and expedites the skin’s absorption of skincare products and other ointments.

A breakthrough for pain relief

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, impeded microcirculation will manifest into pain or illnesses, which essentially raise the alarm about our body condition. Headache, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, muscle aches, and menstrual pain are unbearable, affecting our work and life. Point iWand 2+ at the area of pain can quickly re-establish the meridian flow and relieve pain in a short time or even minutes.

iWand 2+ can relieve various kinds of pain and common illnesses including constipation, indigestion, common cold, coughing and other chronic conditions.



Stay healthy is so easy

The effect of iWand 2+ is faster than ever before. Point the contactless protonic light at the corresponding acupoints to enhance the Qi (i.e. energy of life in Chinese medicine) in the body. Applicable for all areas including infected areas, wounds and hair covered areas.

Poor microcirculation manifest into pain or illnesses. iWand 2+ with Pico Technology improves body fluids and tissue cells to result in faster and stronger microcirculation that maximizes body’s own healing potential, and ultimately restore health.

+ Watch the microcirculation change with the use of iWand for 10 minutes.


Improve immunity

Environmental pollution and the stress in living often lead to over-response of the immune system leading to eczema, psoriasis, and subsequent infections. iWand 2+ encourages rapid recovery of wounds and infections, and enhances the body immunity.



Expedites skin's absorption

Use iWand 2+ over the area on which skincare products or ointments have been applied for about 1 minute, the applications will be quickly and deeply absorbed into the skin.



Safe. Zero side effect

Completely safe and reliable to use without side effect ever reported by any users so far.


Anytime. Anywhere. Anyone

Portable design lets you self-administer healing anywhere, anytime to deliver unprecedented healing power and skin care. iWand 2+ will become the must-have in your bag every day.



Design for longevity & waterproof

Durable body design with waterproof rating at IPX7. iWand 2+ fits perfectly on your hand and has over 200 hours of use with the included battery. Regular use helps maintain and improves overall health.



Your pet loves it

Protonic light works effectively on your pet too for regular healthcare including cold, cough, eye disease, vomiting, loss of appetite, etc. iWand 2+ also relieves joint pain, maximizes the pet’s own healing potential, and ultimately restore health, especially beneficial to the health of older pets.


Free Gifts to You

Wisdom book

The book helps the user for the best use of iWand 2+ to restore body health, relieve pain and prevent illness.

Acupuncture atlas

A guidebook for major acupoints of our body.

Animal book

The book helps the user to apply iWand 2+ on dogs and cats to relieve pain and prevent illness.



 iWand 2+
Brand PicoLabb
Model No. PL120
Power One CR2 Lithium Battery
Output Pulse Frequency 6 - 8 Hz
Wavelength of Light Output 620 – 645 mm
Maximum Power Consumption < 30 mW
Water Proof Rated IPX7
Dimension(Diameter x Length) 18 x 109 mm
0.7" x 4.3"
Weight 56 g / 2.0 oz
Gross Weight 217 g / 7.7 oz
Certificate CE
Warranty 1 year
Package includes

iWand 2+
CR2 Lithium battery
User Manual

iWand 2+ is enabled by Pico Technology.

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