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IPC invents and develops technology solutions that you have never thought possible. Since 2007, we have been applying our core Euphoria TechnologyTM – the unique invention by IPC, to a variety of industries with unprecedented results. Our competence in research and development has also led us to create a range of revolutionary products. We believe we are poised to transform the world with our technological innovations.

We provide technology solutions to help
+ Improve Efficiency +

We help maximize your technological capacity to
+ Increase Productivity +

But at the same time, help save the environment and
+ Reduce Energy Consumption +

We also develop revolutionary products to
+ Enhance Lifestyle +

Our Team

The team of researchers, engineers and experts at IPC employ a flexible and pragmatic approach to problem solving. It is their technical expertise, creative thinking, and remarkable commitment that largely determine our success today and continue to drive our business forward.


Our Global Presence

Our products are presently distributed in Asia Pacific (Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia), Americas (North America, South America) and Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland).


IPC believes in the power of goodness in human beings. The improvements we provide will be important both to the current population and the generations to come. We will contribute to a better world by taking immediate actions to enhance the quality of life.

Let us join hands and envision an abundant future for all forms of lives.


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