Combining our innovative technology with reflexology, iSole mini can enhance body fitness and reduce fatigue with every step. The metatarsal and heel pads generate a PVA Field that stimulates the acupoints in the feet to improve body microcirculation, balance, and endurance. This ergonomically shaped insole ensures heel stability, supports optimal cushioning and reduces water retention in the legs.

Stay fit. For

iSole mini helps you to handle the daily activities far more easily by reducing the joint pain and correcting foot and body posture. While various metabolic and biological functions are improved, the enhanced microcirculation will help prevent injuries (especially useful for prolonged wearing in high heels) and the ability to overcome fatigue.


Anyone. Anywhere

iSole mini is ideally suited for prolonged walking and standing and may as well improve body balance (especially useful for the elderly). It can also be worn throughout the day at work or while engaged in daily routines. iSole mini is suitable for women’s high heels, women or men’s leather shoes and kids’ shoes.



Heel-to-toe comfort

iSole mini is built with lightweight, highly breathable anti-bacterial foam. Its perforated design allows the best air-circulation during use and long-lasting heel-to-toe comfort.


  iSole mini
Brand IPC++ Sport
Model No. SP102
Size (H x W x D) 195 x 70 x 2 mm
7.7 " x 2.8 " x 0.1 "
Weight 16 g / 0.6 oz
Gross Weight 43 g / 1.5 oz
Warranty 2 years (not include the wear & tear under normal use)
Package includes iSole mini

User Manual

iSole mini Energizer is enabled by Pico Technology.

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