Busy Hong Kong people lack exercises and face much stress. Many also have the“three highs”, and diabetes is the most common disease among them. Statistics show that on average one in every ten Hong Kong people has a high level of blood sugar. Diet-control poses the biggest problem to patients as food choices directly affect blood sugar level.

Besides regular visit with healthcare workers, exercising more and paying attention to daily diets, people with high blood sugar can take supplements to increase their energy, balance their nutrients intake and control their blood sugar level.

Maintain physical energy through balanced sugar intake

High blood sugar is caused by insufficient secretion of insulin by the pancreas, or hormonal disorder, which makes it impossible for sugar to be absorbed by cells, resulting in excessive sugar remaining in blood. Some amount of sugar carried to kidneys through the circulation system are discharged from the body as urine. The common resulting symptoms are frequent urinating, feeling thirsty, becoming hungry easily, weight loss, itchy skin, poor / slow wound healing, blurred vision etc.

Common symptoms

Beware of complications

Diabetes Sugar Balance Package I

Diabetes Sugar Balance Package II