The Sound Power improves the performance of all A/V systems to an extraordinary new standard. The Sound Power is a power processor that can be easily integrated into any A/V set-up to minimize the electrical noise from the grid and the radiated interferences that degrade the performance of your A/V equipment set-up, music instrument amplifiers and their sound effects modules.

New technological innovation

The Sound Power generates a PVA Field to ensure a smooth electron flow within A/V system and other connected electronic appliances with compelling realism and an airy transparency in sounds. Sound Power does not alter the signal while improving the audio and visual transmission and projection.



Beautifully crafted

The Sound Power is heavily built with beautifully crafted highest-grade metal chassis to maximize the operating stability and minimize electrical noise and interference.



Indispensable addition to any A/V environment

Sound Power, equips with 4 power output sockets and rated power of 4KW, can be used in combination with your A/V system, audio mix console and any electronic or electric musical instrument amplifiers for keyboard, electric guitar, electric bass, electric drums, etc.



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 Sound Power
Brand IPC++ AV
Model No. AP121
Rated Power 4 kW
Input / Output 1 Input / 4 Outputs
Dimension(H x W x D) 457 x 345 x 290 mm
18” x 14” x 12”
Weight 7.5 kg / 16.5 lbs
Gross Weight 11.3 kg / 24.9 lbs
Warranty 3 years
Package includes Sound Power
Power adapter

User Manual

Sound Power is enabled by Pico Technology.

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