Plant booster is the most effective, all-in-one solution to promote plant growth, plant health and crop yield. This device generatesa PVA Field that encourages the natural metabolism of plants and the microorganism in the soil. The transportation of liquid in plants becomemore efficient, allowing much faster photosynthesis so that theimmunityand overall health of plants can be thoroughly enhanced.

Real organic crops

The Plant Booster promotes the immunity and overall health of plants. Hence, the need of using synthetic phytohormone or chemical fertilizer would be redundant. The farmers can now result in having higher crop yield and better crop health at the same time.




Better taste

By speeding up the natural metabolism in plants and the microbial activities in soil, the Plant Booster will enhance the natural taste and sweetness of the fruits and vegetables, together with the colour, fragrance and appearance of plants.



Longer shelf life

All plants growing up in the PVA Field would have longer life span after harvest, meaning the crop wastage can be significantly reduced. By improving food safety and productivity, Plant Booster allows us to address the food demand on a global basis.



Best technological advancement

Plant booster generates a PVA field where the crops situated within its 5 meters’ radius can be enhanced. This innovative solution is the simplest way for farmers to increase their crop yield, enhancing crop health and nutritional value to maximizing food shelf-life. Plant booster is suitable for commercial farms, feature farms, gardens and florists.



Accelerate photosynthesis

Plant Booster activates the physical functions of water molecules, so the transportation of liquid in plants become more efficient and organic matters are broken down more easily and quickly, the whole process is further facilitated by increasing cell divisions in root tips so more water and nutrients are absorbed, allowing much faster photosynthesis.


 Plant Booster
Brand IPC++ Agriculture
Model No. AG101
Power Built-in Batteries
Dimension(L x W x H)  33x 32x 67mm
1.3”x 1.3”x 2.6”
Weight 55 g / 2 oz
Gross Weight 136 g / 5 oz
Operational Period 3 years
Warranty 3 years
Package includes Plant Booster

User Manual

Plant Booster is enabled by Pico Technology.

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