IPC’s Lychee Vinegar is made from a millennium mother tree species, Xian Poguo, which is scientifically proven as one of the highest quality lychee species in Guangdong province. Lychee Vinegar tastes superb and contains 17 kinds of amino acids and minerals which are important to human body.

Major benefits

  • Increase the metabolism rate, purify the blood and accelerate fat burning of human body
  • Accelerate skin regeneration, delay aging and promote beauty
  • Decompose and excrete the lactic acid from body and help to relieve muscle pain
  • Regulate the acid deposits in blood to an optimum alkaline healthy level
  • The amino acids can help the body to recover faster from fatigue
  • Help to absorb calcium to maintain healthy bone and steadier nerves
  • Help to prevent chronic diseases by liver detoxification and prevention of accumulated toxins in liver