The Chassis Booster has been used by over 1,000 users in various ethnicities and different profession, let us share their experience.


Power has been increased a lot, more than 13% (reference figures provided by the company). The increase was obvious. The experience of driving with the Chassis Booster was really amazing. I would describe it as if you are driving under a perfect weather, in a perfect road condition, after perfect tuning of the car and with perfect mood. Everything comes in handy without any troubles.

Lamborghini 550 Ricky So
Chairman of Lamborghini Club HK
Zhuhai International Circuit



Acceleration was significantly improved. The engine noise was different as well. The sound of the high gears was much more solid. After I added the Power Booster, both power and torque were much improved. But the most incredible thing was after I had put the Chassis Booster, it seemed adding lubricant on various parts and smoothness in acceleration was unbelievable. Motorway cruising is like riding a highspeed rolling machine. The Chassis Booster enables excellent results in twisting and rolling, especially in making a quick turn. I have a lot more confidence now to make an accurate turn. Fuel consumption is also surprising, saving 15% on average.

09 BMW M3 Ms. Lo



Engine noise is much quieter and I can feel the car has become lighter. Now I can easily go up to 140km/hour after fitting the Engine Booster compared with 130km/hour before fitting it. The Chassis Booster is really amazing! After I put it in my car, I could feel the serenity in my car which I had never felt before. I unloaded it and then the noise came back again and the chassis was not that stable, either. It’s unbelievable!

92 Mazda MX5 Maggie Wong